The Company – MYCO

MYCO is a web 3 platform where viewers earn every time they watch content. As a platform, we believe in the power of the community. We not only give viewers power, but also content creators by streaming, funding, producing, and distributing original film, television, and live content.

Web 3.0 and blockchain have shifted power dynamics, from concentrated, centralized power, to diffused, decentralized power. Fundamentally, consumers can now become direct owners, and have a direct influence in the products and services they give their time to. This is the power of web 3.0 and of blockchain. We have seen web3 and blockchain changing industries, but now, we are changing the video streaming industry.

The Challenge

As our platform grew, the workload kept on increasing and it was challenging for us to keep the workflow of the production environment as smooth as possible. We wanted something that not only fulfills our requirement of large storage capacity, but help us to integrate our speedy editing workflow.

Everything in the production environment is critical and plays equally important role towards the final produced content. From transferring the footage from Cameras to the servers, allowing it to be accessible by the editing team, Collaboration and editing, to the final rendering of the content, This sentence is a bit convoluted and could be broken down for clarity. For example, "From transferring the footage from cameras to the servers, to making it accessible to the editing team, collaborating on edits, and finally rendering the content..., none of the process can be compromised on quality and speed. And on top of that, a safe backup copy of the data was also required. It was crucial to find something that addresses each aspect of our requirement.

The Solution

We checked Synology products initially and found them to be a reasonable solution. We then planned and designed the solution that not only fulfilled our crucial needs, but assured us with the Security and reliability of the solution to our working environment. We have deployed Synology RS3618xs+ NAS with Enterprise Capacity HDDs along with the SSD Cache. The RAW footage goes into the NAS, then distributed among the Teams for the dedicated tasks.

We have mapped the folders in the PCs for accessing DATA from the NAS to carry on further tasks. The 10Gig Ethernet connectivity between the NAS and our Apple Mac Studio PCs provide us the required speed for the DATA Read/Write.

The Important DATA from the production environment then backs up in the Synology DS1621+ NAS. This backup process is completely automated, scheduled and in Multi-version copies. This gives us peace of mind against unexpected incidents.

Applications in Use –

  • Synology Snapshot Replication
  • Synology Drive
  • Synology Drive Share Sync


Concerned Person

M. Ali Sheikh

Executive Producer

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