Service & Maintenance Plan

Al-Madina Enterprises provides a complete and comprehensive range of IT equipment maintenance options. Catering for large enterprises to small companies, options are flexible and affordable for all.

Our maintenance plans are suitable for the organizations having 10 to 100 and more machines installed at their premises. The special discounted rate will be set for this contractual maintenance plan subject to individual customer contracts.

Services Offered:

  • On-site Service
  • IT Parts Replacements
  • Faulty equipment Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • NAS/SAN Deployments
  • Telephonic Service
  • Personalized Servicing Technicians
  • Committed Response Time
  • DATA Security Consulting


Due to the effectiveness of workshop, we have been tagged as a service provider who guarantees improvement of machine uptime. Unlike most firms in the industry, we provide repair at component level. Machine problems are isolated with the help of a range of sophisticated testing equipment. After diagnosis, faulty components are taken back to our workshop to be repaired. This will enable our customers to operate cost effectively as replacements will not be necessary if repair is sufficient.

graphical workshop table

DATA Security /NAS /SAN Deployments

We have an experienced team of personals for the efficient & secure deployments of DATA Storage solutions, Be it a NAS, SAN or DAS. We also offer free consultancy & custom solutions for your work environment. We believe that DATA is perhaps a valuable asset for an organization, Therefore, Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability should be secured.

Our technical team holds expertise in designing & deploying the network infrastructure with a strong consideration of Business continuity & disaster recovery plans. Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you!

On-Call… Option

This is a special plan which requires no contractual documentation. It caters for smaller firms with minimal usage of computers. The feasibility of this option is the customer is only chargeable on a call-to-call basis. Depending on availability of spares, replacement sets may be arranged in the event your unit is required to be repaired off-site.

This arrangement for replacement units is seldom provided for by other companies for ad-hoc services. But because customers are our priority no matter how big or small your organization is, Al-Madina Enterprises makes it a point to serve you with the best whenever we can.

on call image

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