Warranty Statement for CZUR Products:

  • All CZUR equipment carries One Year Hardware Warranty.
  • 2 Year extended warranty-pack can be added at additional cost.
  • Only Mid to High end models are eligible for warranty extension.
  • Physical damages are not covered under warranty.
  • Equipments replacement will only be effected if unit is proved to be DOA (dead/damaged on arrival) otherwise only faulty part will be replaced.
  • Burned PCA / boards are not covered under warranty.
  • Standard warranty resolution lead-time is 10 working days.

CZUR has its own scanning software with the name “DOC Action” bundeld free of cost with all models. Third party software/applications are also bundled with most of the unit. In case of firmware update, CZUR do not take responsibility of having full functionality of third party software.

Sample picture - burned PCA (Warranty void)

Sample picture – damaged gear (Warranty void)

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