Warranty Statement for QNAP Products:

Channel Warranty
  • Standard Warranty claim lead time is 10 working days.
  • Channel warranty is applied only on units that are imported by QNAP Authorized Partners direct from QNAP. Gray marketed products are not covered under local warranty.
Warranty Void If
  • Miss-handled, physically damaged or burned products are not covered under warranty.
1 Year Remote Support
  • All QNAP Channel products are sold with 1 year remote support. Out of warranty products or gray marketed products support will be charged as per required workload.
Annual Hardware SLA
  • If unit is covered under hardware SLA, warranty lead time will be 1 working day.
Check the warranty period of your QNAP product
  • The warranty period commences on the date of purchase shown on the purchase receipt or invoice. You will need to present the receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.
  • If you cannot present the receipt or invoice by the time you need the warranty service, you may try contacting the local distributor or reseller from which you purchased your QNAP product for your purchase record.
Return the defective product to where you purchased it
  • If you have confirmed that your QNAP product is still within the warranty period, please contact the reseller or agent where you originally purchased the QNAP product for replacement service or for further information on the replacement procedure.
DATA Responsibility/Liability:
  • 100% of DATA responsibility & Liability lies with the DATA owner, Which is the Organization that creates, Stores, Handles and processes DATA.
  • Distributor/Dealer/Supplier will not be responsible for any type of DATA loss whatsoever.
  • Always keep multiple copies of DATA to avoid a single point of failure.

FAQs Regarding Warranty:

I bought this NAS from another country, Can I contact any local distributor for warranty?
  • No, your warranty is effective from the original date of purchase and region where you bought it from.
May I replace my defective NAS with different model?
  • No. defective unit will have the faulty part replacement by QNAP RMA center if unit is still under warranty or replace it with the same model only.
Does the warranty period start over after repair or replacement?
  • No, your warranty continues from the original date of purchase.
Do I need to register my product for warranty?
  • Yes, you may register the product at QNAP portal, but product serial number and purchasing invoice will be enough for warranty claim.
Does QNAP provide warranty for software/firmware bundled with NAS?
  • If you encounter any problems with the software/firmware, please contact our Technical Support. Although software issues are not covered under warranty but we will do our best to fix the issue if it is pertained to QNAP equipment.
If my data stored on QNAP are missing, can I ask QNAP to recover my data?
  • It is the customer’s sole responsibility to make backup copies of data. We recommend you to back up the important data periodically. QNAP local dealer can assist you if data is in recoverable condition.

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