Warranty Statement (Toshiba)

Warranty of Toshiba hard drives is acceptable only if drive is claimed in 100% original condition. Drives found physically damaged or miss handled will be rejected by Toshiba.

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty: Means 3 Year Comprehensive + 2 Year Service Warranty*.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty: Means 2 Year Comprehensive + 1 Year Service Warranty*.
  • 2 Year Warranty: Means 2 Year straight replacement.

*Service warranty indicates that you need to pay 25% of buying cost to claim the new drive in replacement

Check below criteria before claiming warranty against hard drives.

  • Pictures marked with “X” means drives cannot be claimed in warranty.
  • Pictures marked with “O” means drives can be claimed in warranty.
Module Lable Missing Unreadable Barcode
Acceptable, if readable
Unreadable Serial No. Lifted Label
Acceptable, if readable
Detached or peeled product label Label on top screw broken
Sticker broken Sticker missing
Rusty on cover Adhesion glue on cover
Unacceptable, If severe condition
Missing screw Loosened screw
Labeled Content Missing locks
Unacceptable, If label contents cannot readable
Label bulged Mismatch of Serial No. and Module No.
Missing pin Bent Pins
Unacceptable, If severe condition
Rust/Oxidation on pins Heavy broken/ Connector missing

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