Synology DiskStation

  • CPU: AMD Ryze R1600 dual-core
  • Built-in: 2 GB DDR4
  • Expansion: Scales up to  More Detials

Product Description


Simply faster

DS723+ can handle more demanding application workloads and
a greater number of concurrent users compared to prior-generation systems.
Experience faster file indexing in Synology Drive, photo organization in Photos, and concurrent file transfers.

The performance you need

Reduce transfer times with the DS723+, designed to accelerate your workloads.
Easily add faster networking and NVMe drives to further boost performance.

Up to471/225 MB/sread/write

Up to10GbEnetworking

2 x M.2NVMecache & storage pool

Versatile and flexible storage

Make the most of high-performance networking and
file access without taking up unnecessary space. DS723+ comes equipped with 2 bays
and can scale up to 7 bays with the DX517 expansion unit as your data needs grow.

2 bays, 18 TB arrow 7 bays, 90 TB