C9448A HP 70 130-ml Matte Black Ink Cartridge
C9449A HP 70 130-ml Photo Black Ink Cartridge
C9450A HP 70 130-ml Gray Ink Cartridge
C9451A HP 70 130-ml Light Gray Ink Cartridge
C9453A HP 70 130-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
C9454A HP 70 130-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
C9455A HP 70 130-ml Light Magenta Ink Cartridge
C9457A HP 70 130-ml Green Ink Cartridge
C9458A HP 70 130-ml Blue Ink Cartridge
C9459A HP 70 130-ml Gloss Enhancer Ink Cartridge
C9390A HP 70 130-ml Light Cyan Ink Cartridge
CD951A HP 73 130-ml Chromatic Red Ink Cartridge
C9405A HP 70 Light Magenta and Light Cyan Printhead
C9406A HP 70 Magenta and Yellow Printhead
C9407A HP 70 Photo Black and Light Gray Printhead
C9408A HP 70 Blue and Green Printhead
C9410A HP 70 Gloss Enhancer and Gray Printhead
CD949A HP 73 Matte Black and Chromatic Red Printhead

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