"After implementing Cloud Station Backup for real-time data backup and Snapshot Replication for a second layer protection, we are satisfied with Synology’s capability of meeting all our requirements and can now focus on passengers at the airport."

Saleem Akhtar, Manager IT, Sialkot International Airport Limited

The Company

Sialkot International Airport (SIAL) is the first greenfield Airport in Pakistan. As one of the major export hubs in the country, SIAL is equipped with high quality airport facilities that meet international standards. SIAL first took to the skies on 30th of November, 2007. With various airport services such as airline office, aircraft catering units, ground handling services, cargo warehouses, restaurants, a car park, and hotels, SIAL expects to redefine travel experience of over 1 million travelers.

The Challenge

As technology advances, new types of cybersecurity threats emerge. To safeguard and back up their business digital asset, SIAL needed a comprehensive yet simple solution that helps them protect company data.

The Solution

After implementing Cloud Station Backup for real-time data backup, SIAL is satisfied with Synology’s capability of meeting all their requirements in a single package.

Cloud Station Backup: real-time incremental backup for PC protection

SIAL adopted Synology Cloud Station Backup for continuous data protection. Data stored on over 100 Windows PCs and laptops can be automatically and instantly backed up to their RS2416RP+. Cloud Station Backup also allows users to self-restore data to any point in time, minimising managing efforts for IT administrators.

Snapshot Replication: flexible recovery and schedulable data protection

To add a second layer of protection to their business data, SIAL utilized Snapshot Replication to take snapshots of the NAS while replicating them from the main RS2416RP+ to the sub RS2416RP+. Leveraging the availability of Btrfs file system, RS2416RP+ is able to create snapshot copies in few seconds.

Concerned Person

Saleem Akhtar

Manager IT

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